Our mission is to provide a wide range of medical care to adults age 18 and up
(including acute, chronic, and preventive care), in a manner
that is more patient
friendly and more efficient than the care
customarily provided in this area and
other areas.  Specifically, we want to provide our established patients with
prompt appointments whenver possible, and we want our patients to
experience less than 30 minutes waiting to be seen at their appointments, as
we value our patients' time.
Wintergreen Medical Center
324-A Beacon Drive
Winterville, NC  28590
Office 252-
Fax     252-321-7762
Calvin Ellis, PA-C
Carol Gates DNP, FNP-BC
Our Mission
For patients age 18 and older, we will provide both acute and chronic medical care  as well as preventive care.

Acute care is defined by us as a new problem that may take from 1-3 visits to resolve.  Examples include
respiratory infections, sprains and strains, back pain, headaches, abdominal pain, vaginal and urinary infections,

Chronic care is defined by us as any problem that will be ongoing and will require followup visits over a long time
span, usually involving months or years.  Examples of chronic problems are asthma, hypertension, high
cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, thyroid disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, etc.

Preventive care is defined by us as care that is intended to prevent future medical problems.  Examples of
preventive care include (but are not limited to) pap smears and breast exams and mammograms for women,
prostate exams and PSA tests for men, and setting up routine colonoscopy procedures.

Pediatric care will be limited in our practice to acute and minor medical issues, such as colds, sprains, lacerations,
etc.  We believe that the local pediatricians provide excellent care to their patients and we do not intend or wish to
usurp their patient care.  In addition, we do not provide hospital inpatient care to the pediatric population.

Adult inpatient care will be provided by the Pitt County Memorial Hospital Hospitalist service, which consists of a
staff of physicians whose sole responsibility is the care of patients in the hospital.  We, and most other family
medicine and internal medicine physicians in our community, believe that this care provides our patients with the
highest quality and most efficient hospital care available.  It also allows us to provide more efficient care in the
office setting.

Chronic pain patients should go here to view our opinions on the overuse of chronic pain medications in our
community, and our policies on the prescribing of chronic pain medications.
neighborhood clinic, by friendly, courteous staff.  
We work very hard to provide care more efficiently than any office in the area,
including minimal wait times.  
We strive to provide our established patients with prompt appointments
whenever they need care, usually within 1-2 days of the need for an