Our Goal:  the 6 A's of Patient Satisfaction
Wintergreen Medical Center
324-A Beacon Drive
Winterville, NC  28590
Office 252-
Fax     252-321-7762
We are very much aware of the high cost of medications.  We intend to work with each one
of you when we prescribe medications so that, if possible, and if you wish, we will
prescribe generics in order to lower your copay costs.  Many times we are able to use
prescriptions that are on the $4 per month list available at WalMart, Sam's, Target, or
prescriptions on the 90 plans at Kroger or Walgreens.  We use the latest technology to
determine what level of copay your prescriptions will be, based on your insurance plan
before you leave the office.  These measures can lower your prescription drug costs

We intend to lower our standard charges for patients with no insurance in order that they
will receive medical care at a reduced rate, but in return, they will be required to pay in full
for each visit at each visit.  Simply ask for our uninsured reduced rates at the time of

We intend to do everything we can to prevent unnecessary Emergency Room or even
Urgent Care visits for our patients.  We are very much aware of the increased costs that
are incurred when receiving care outside the office setting.
We intend to use "Open Access Scheduling," unusual in this area, in which we leave
blocks of time in our schedule every day in order to accommodate those patients of ours
who need care on an urgent basis.  We hope that our patients never have to use an
Urgent Care facility or hopefully an Emergency Room (where you will have higher copays),
except for true medical emergencies.
We believe that your visit to see a medical provider should not be stressful or anxiety
provoking.  We believe that you will find our office calming, each one of our staff members
in good spirits, and your overall visit with us should be both pleasant and efficient.  We
want you to feel at home at our clinic.  Remember our motto is "Your home...for life."  This
refers to both your medical home and a home-like atmosphere, for your life and well-being.

We want to be approachable about any issue on your minds, so please do not hesitate to
let us know what your concerns or questions are at the onset of every visit.  There is very
little that we have not heard or seen previously.
We are located in Winterville in the area just east of Memorial Drive across from Sam's, on
the corner of Vernon White Road and Beacon Drive.  Entering and leaving the office
should be easy with a turn lane available if necessary.  Of course, we are handicapped
 And, you do not need to travel to the busy medical district to receive most of
your medical care.  We want to be your comprehensive neighborhood medical clinic.
All of our providers are Board Certified in their respective disciplines.  They are
experienced and have excellent communication skills.  They both Continuing Medical
Education annually, and are continuously reading journals in order to keep up to date
with changes in medicine.

We take our responsibility for your medical care most seriously.  If you ever have a
question about your bill or your medical care, please do not hesitate to let us know
about your concerns.

We have a comment page
 here so that you may comment either anonymously or not.   
We take every comment we get very seriously and most comments are responded to
by our staff.
We want to adapt to your needs as much as possible, so please let us know what your
needs are (such as last appointment of the day, first, prefer not to be weighed, prefer
to be brought back from waiting room immediately, etc.).  If we hear repeatedly that
weekend hours are needed, then we will provide those.  If we hear that evening hours
are needed, then we will provide those as well.  We intend to be responsive to the
needs of the majority of our patients, within reason.
Studies have indicated that there are several characteristics that patients believe are
important for satisfaction with their healthcare delivery.  These characteristics are listed
below, along with our plans to provide satisfaction in each area.
Calvin Ellis, PA-C
Carol Gates DNP, FNP-BC